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Natasha Bedingfield at Culture Room, July 16

Statuesque, blond Natasha Bedingfield got an early start on her career in her native England as a teenager, when she was a member of a Christian dance group with brother Daniel. While he went on to further mine the dance/pop vein and achieve massive chart success, Natasha went for a more soulful route. Her own earliest solo material was markedly R&B-influenced, and her 2003 disc, Unwritten, even scored her a Grammy nomination in the United States.

Still, true stardom in this country, as she enjoys in her homeland, has mostly eluded her. That hasn't stopped her from staging a clear shot at it again. Recently, Bedingfield's appeared on the Bravo songwriting competition Platinum Hit, and she's trying a relatively grassroots tactic by touring the club circuit. Her current outing brings her to the Culture Room, where she'll likely draw heavily from her latest studio album, last year's Strip Me. As the name indicates, it positions her as a slightly older, wiser, singer/songwriter type but one still wedded to slick pop production.