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John Ralston at Bamboo Room

After a three-year recording hiatus, Lake Worth emotive singer John Ralston is issuing forth a flurry of activity. This past Christmas saw the release of seven-inch single "Jesus Christ," a bit of Americana for the holidays, on mom-and-pop Tampa-based label 24 Hour Service Station. Last year, he also contributed to 24 Hour Service Station's recent compilation project Ceremony — A New Order Tribute. For that, he covered New Order's 1986 track "All Day Long," converting it into an art-damaged folk rocker. Still, Ralston's full comeback didn't come until last month, when he unveiled a redesigned website, complete with one track off his third full-length album, Shadows of the Summertime. "Love Will Come Around" is notably stripped down compared to his earlier work, but its instantaneous sing-along chorus and galloping drums hint at the glory that might soon follow on the record. It's the same DIY effort that was a recipe for success on his stunning debut, Needle Bed, and it may show that Ralston has started from scratch once again.