Citizen Cope at Culture Room 3/24-25

Here's a chance to get to know Clarence "Citizen Cope" Greenwood at a two-night intimate serenade experience. This time, it's without the steady drumming, melodic keys, and seductive strums of the guitar, as good-vibin', life-lovin', mumblin' son of a gun Cope will play selections from his four albums solo.

Cope's sound is polished in the studio, but it's his raw, uncut vocals in a live setting that linger. Here's a shot to hear extra depth in "Let the Drummer Kick," "Son's Gonna Rise," "Bullet and a Target," and "Sideways." His heartfelt ballads are a roller coaster of emotions — hopeful, dark, and true. On his previous South Florida run last June, he packed the Fillmore Miami Beach. This close-knit exclusive is a flavor of Citizen Cope that every fan should taste.