Of Montreal's Bumpin' Psychedelia Coming to Revolution

For those unfamiliar, Of Montreal is like P-Funk for sensitive kids. Kevin Barnes and his band blend personal lyrics with booty-shakin' beats and psychedelic theatrics. It's as sexual as the funk from the Mothership but perhaps a bit more stimulating above the waist as well. A product of the Elephant 6 collective from the late '90s, Of Montreal has been steadily earning a reputation as one of the most artistic live acts in the world of indie pop.

Last year, the band released its tenth studio album, False Priest. It heads deep into R&B mode, with soulful female accompanying vocals courtesy of Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles and organic instruments laying down the grooves in place of the electronic, sequenced tracks that set the tone on previous records. The band never brings the same stage show to town twice, so veterans and newbies will be equally surprised by the strangeness that appears on the tail end of a tour that has taken them across the globe.