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Musab Leads Hip-Hop Lineup at Propaganda

If Lake Worth sounds like an unlikely destination for good underground hip-hop, then you haven't been paying enough attention to FootWork4Self. In 2010, the FW4S crew racked up frequent-flier miles gigging in Michigan, Minnesota, and Idaho while simultaneously opening local doors to notable out-of-towners like Rhymesayers Entertainment artists Toki Wright and Grieves & Budos. Next on the itinerary in this recently established travel network is Las Vegas-based MC/producer/songwriter Sab the Artist. If that name doesn't ring any immediate bells, then perhaps his former nom de plume, Musab, AKA Beyond, AKA one-fourth of rap supergroup Dynospectrum (and cofounder of Rhymesayers Entertainment), will.

Though Sab played an integral part in the development of the Twin Cities' hip-hop scene, he chose to defect from Minneapolis to Sin City, where he has reportedly been getting his legal pimp game on for the past half decade. Pimp or not, Sab was in full-time rapper mode in 2010, dropping an ambitious 17-part "Leak Series," a self-titled EP, and embarking on "The Awful Truth" U.S. tour with Abstract Rude. Catch him at Propaganda providing some much-needed services (done with a mic) alongside Mayday's Wrekonize, recent West Palm transplant Mr. Chief, and Detroit producer Apollo Brown. To partake in these festivities, bring cash, and pay up-front.