The Black Dahlia Murder at Revolution, August 17 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


The Black Dahlia Murder at Revolution, August 17

Wednesday's epic stop of the "Summer Slaughter Tour" is likely the ultimate show of the year for area deathcore fans — those who are underaged or underemployed, anyhow, as the show kicks off at 2 in the afternoon. Still, that early door time is a must, as the lineup packs in some nine acts, all of them more than familiar to metal fans.

Of the bands present, nearly all represent the latter-day crossover of the death metal scene with ex-hardcore kids, a style best exemplified by headliners White­chapel and the Black Dahlia Murder. Expect blast beats and gurgling bree-bree vocals galore, flavored by plenty of leg tattoos and stretched ears. A special "halftime" show even features a performance by semi-spoof act Powerglove, which specializes in metal renditions of nostalgic videogame and cartoon theme songs.