John Digweed at Gryphon, September 4 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


John Digweed at Gryphon, September 4

The 44-year-old U.K. spinner John Digweed now enjoys a spot in the pantheon of demigod DJs who reached superstar status in the '90s and still reap benefits. Where fellow greats from that era like Paul Oakenfold and Tiësto are more or less synonymous with trance, Digweed is synonymous with progressive house. In the late '90s, he, along with frequent DJ and production partner Sasha, helped invent the sound, a more lush, synth-heavy, slowly building take on four-four beats. It would come to rule the dance-music world around the turn of the millennium, and Digweed would rise to the top right along with it. Though other flavors in electronic music have come and gone, Digweed has wisely evolved his sound and approach with time, though still holding strong with his own Bedrock label and parties. These days, Digweed sets tend toward the techier and dubbier but still masterfully command big-room peak hours.