Let Your Ego Die: A Tribute to the Spooky Kids at Churchill's

On April 28, 1990, a 4-month-old band called Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids (they were never separate entities) played its first live show at Churchill's Pub. In the next few years, the band would, in an act of practicality, drop the Spooky Kids suffix, get signed to a major label, and go on to change the makeup-smeared face of pop culture. If you got into Marilyn Manson after 1994's Portrait of an American Family or Antichrist Superstar, you missed the crazy fun of the Spooky Kids.

Today, the Spooky Kids is an idea more than a name or a style, the name representing appreciators and creators of any sound that is pure and uncorrupted by malaise, hype, fame, or fortune. Beginning Friday, Churchill's will be decked out all weekend, haunted-horror-house-style, by Miami musician and style aficionado Buddha Gonzalez. In addition to a cast of similar-minded acts, original guitarist and composer Scott Putesky (AKA Daisy Berkowitz), who wrote most of the tunes and hasn't played any of them live since 1992, will lead the festivities.