Harry Merry's Experimental Vibes to Enhance Radio-Active's Continental Drift

Harry Merry isn't technically free jazz or elemental jazz in practice. But the Netherlander's uninhibited, avant-garde approach pairs nicely with any free-flowing and experimental music and shows a creator fully absorbed by his subconscious. Thus, his inclusion in Radio-Active Records' third Continental Drift music night, which will focus on jazz's outer reaches, isn't a stretch.

Harry Merry himself looks like a sailor-boy fop or a mad scientist banging out rambling, clever songs. Expect silly topics, heavily accented singing, organ sounds, and drum machines. He's been working on new material, so hopefully his latest South Florida tour will be a chance to showcase his latest cracked creations. To get a real feel for the man, though, track down "Sharkie Supermachine." It sounds like a jack-in-the-box with a surprisingly melodic (and coughing) pop-out jester.