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Sure, It's Saturday Night but You're Supposed to Wear Your Gym Clothes

Five thousand good stars are awarded to our lovely indie venue, the Bubble, because when it needs to pay rent, it provides the world with a Sexy Car Wash. The washers? The Bubble Dudes. Starting at 3 p.m., they'll strip down to their own unique style of skivvies and wash your car -- even your massive truck -- your Vespa, your bike. They say they'll even wash you. And they will do all this in a sexy manner. While the suds do their magic, there will be live music and hot dogs (vegan ones too). We want the Bubble to pay rent -- so give them your money! (Donations are suggested.)

Then starting at 7 p.m., it's "Rock Your Shorts." It's all about the art of dance -- in gym clothes. The opportunity to dance in gym clothes? Fantastic. We get downright hyper after we put on gym clothes -- because, you know, you exercise after you put these types of clothes on. Gym clothes are wanted because aerobic activity is wanted. They say the crazier the gym wear, the better. Wear a goddamned Suzanne Somers or Richard Simmons outfit from the '80s. (This is when you're supposed to actually be wearing sweatbands.) Expect "wild avant-garde exercise."

"Rock Your Shorts" costs $10 -- and gives you access to a "gym" (basically an aerobics class), free access to a keg, healthy food, and live music. Travalonia, Dooms de Pop, and the Goddamn Hustle will perform. The Bubble, also known as the IWAN Concept Production Facility, is located at 810 NE Fourth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-562-3804, and Like them on Facebook.
Sat., Aug. 27, 3 p.m., 2011