Lil Daggers Leads Huge Lineup at Little Munich

Miami's "lo-fi garage" act of the moment, Lil Daggers, has earned a rep outside of Florida for good reason. Often lumped in with other bands of a similar ilk, the Daggers' accessible yet brazen, organ-speckled, sometimes-Spanglish tracks are heavier than that. Bringing that weight down on Little Munich — a German restaurant turned venue — could be big trouble for listeners expecting standard fare.

Lake Worth has no idea what it's in for but should probably keep a couple of extra bones on hand to pick up a spankin' new copy of the Daggers' King Corpse seven-inch. Brooklyn-based openers and tour buddies Deserter are purveyors of similarly noisy psychedelia but with way screamier vocals, and hometown veterans Guy Harvey and Love Handles round out the set and rep the county.