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Feel Godsmack's Power at Hard Rock Live

Miss 1992? Godsmack singer Sully Erna sure does, and he wants you to revisit it with him. Not old enough to intentionally listen to music in 1992? That's all right; Erna doesn't require studying up on his influences to rock along with him — just have a love for loud, heavily distorted guitars, chugging riffs, growling vocals, and simplistic songwriting. It's not metal, but it's not far off either.

Erna and Godsmack's approach is a user-friendly hybrid of every mainstream-yet-heavy musical genre from now back to about 1969, resulting in something that owes incalculable debts to genre standouts from grunge and first-wave British heavy metal in particular. As a distillation, Godsmack is simpler than the sources from which it draws, but this reduction to essentials results in a powerful end product. It's like condensing hard-rock history into a handful of power chords, a dead-ahead beat, and a whole lot of viscera. Simple, but strangely satisfying.