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Art as a Night Out

Art is like fossils. The fossil left behind is a wonder to those who discover it, but for the dinosaur, it's really sort of after the fact. And for the artist, the result -- whether it be a film, a painting, or a poem -- is merely proof that art happened. Freakin USA and Audioplayground Entertainment bring the observer closer to art in action by filming all the art/music events they hold (the first Sunday of every month) at Dada, which is itself named after an art movement built on chaos. They're in the process of making a documentary, and for this segment of Invoke the Arts, "Dance of the Dead," in addition to tacos and tequila, there'll be Hula-Hoop dancers, indie dancers, and break dancers. Music will be provided by Ciper, Beat Thief, Duncan Beatz, and, on violin, Nicholas Christodoulidis. There will also be a gallery exhibition of fine art as well as several performance artists. And you, the observer, will become an actor.

The night kicks off at 8 Sunday at Dada (52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach). No cover. To find out about all of the art events presented by Freakin USA and Audioplayground Entertainment, visit To reach Dada, call 561-330-3232 or visit
Sun., Oct. 2, 8 p.m., 2011