Circle Takes the Square at Talent Farm, October 31

The average Talent Farm showgoer was in elementary school during the first, early-'00s heyday of the Savannah, Georgia, act Circle Takes the Square. The band's influence on the posthardcore, DIY scene can still be felt several generations removed. Thus, hopefully, if there is any musical justice, this show will draw a wider-than-usual age range for the venue.

Dating from before screamo was a dirty word, the coed foursome married a spazzy, early version of the genre with grindcore speed and slightly nerdy, almost jazz-band-style off-time experimentation. It was fun, fast, and exhilarating but grew from a Savannah scene notorious for strife and bad luck. Still, Circle Takes the Square has managed to soldier on, on and off, for the past decade and this past summer marked its tentative return to the live circuit. This tour comes in advance of what will be, amazingly, only the band's second proper studio album, Decompositions: Volume 1, due out in November.