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Show Me the Fountain of Healthy Aging

In 1513, Ponce de Leon wanted to stop the aging process, so he made a dodgy voyage across the Atlantic in search of the Fountain of Youth. The legendary spring he found is located in St. Augustine, but, spoiler alert: no one leaves there younger.

We may not be able to prevent aging, but at least now we know why. The “Amazing Feat of Aging,” an interactive science exhibition at the South Florida Science Museum, offers 20 hands-on displays that explore the science of healthy aging, how our brain ages, and how animals get older too. One exhibit titled “Mysteries of Aging Revealed” let’s visitors peek at their future faces, aged up to 25 years. Yes, somewhere right now, Ponce De Leon is rolling over in his grave.

Find the South Florida Science Museum at 4801 Dreher Trail N. in West Palm Beach. The exhibit is open daily until August 23. Admission costs $9 or less. Call 561-832-1988, or visit
June 2-Aug. 23, 2009