Paleo Eskimo at Dada, December 15 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Paleo Eskimo at Dada, December 15

West Palm Beach foursome Paleo Eskimo looks barely old enough to get into the venues the band has played, and recorded material is thin on the ground. Still, on the strength of just a handful of shows and tracks floating around the internet, the group has already scored fans in certain influential promoters and fellow bands. We'll take a tweet from Surfer Blood about the band's track "Beach Winters" as a co-sign. Not unlike that megasuccess story from the 561, Paleo Eskimo likes a sound full of sunny, trilling guitar solos and a little bit of a surf-pop influence. For now, though, the Paleo Eskimo sound is more stripped-down, straight-ahead, '90s-style indie rock of the kind that flourished around the time these kids were born.