Sumsun on February 11 at Speakeasy Lounge | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Sumsun on February 11 at Speakeasy Lounge

With his penchant for a sort of watery, pastel visual imagery and the vaguely tropical-sounding name, it would be easy to file Sumsun away under the rapidly fading chillwave genre. Still, the artist born Judson Rogers has, as his output has increased, proved a penchant for a much wider spectrum of electronic music. Although there are the sort of retro-funk washes that were popular in certain realms of the blogosphere, many of Sumsun's recent tracks seem designed much more firmly for dancing. Recent live gigs have shown him dabbling with four-four beats that verge on an update of Balearic house. Still, with his natty mod attire and a rock guy's knowledge of concise song structure, he remains a favorite to play with similarly open-minded acts. This time around at Speakeasy, he will share a stage with the Casey Hopkins Duo, a bluesy act, and Daymoths, another pair, this time coed, who specialize in eccentric piano pop.