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Bret Michaels on February 18 at Hard Rock Live

How can one man inspire so many different emotions over the years? In the '80s heyday of Bret Michaels' band Poison, he was the ultimate hair-band object of devotion, the kind of guy who would seemingly drink all your whiskey and leave but at least write a song about it. Then in the '90s, he became an object of washed-up semiridicule. Then there was that whole Rock of Love thing in more recent years. Again, he looked foolish many a time, but it was enough to revive his career and lure the attention of an entirely new generation of young, impressionable women.

But then came his 2010 brain hemorrhage. Wait! We made fun of Michaels, but we didn't want him to go. The ensuing recovery and redevotion to his longtime baby mama is the stuff of Americans' favorite second chances. Michaels is, once again, our ridiculously long-haired, made-up sweetheart. As such, his solo shows pack as many fans in as do his performances with Poison, and though they focus about half of the time on his own solo material, the big hits from the band are also guaranteed.