Arboles Libres on June 9 at Green Room | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Arboles Libres on June 9 at Green Room

Underneath Arboles Libres' folksy, sonic psychedelia, interconnected lyrics paint images more powerful than a MacArthur Causeway hallucinogen (read: bath salts). "I woke up next to your heart/And I woke up next to your fears," frontman Juan "Nacho" Londono sing-speaks on their song "Aura." "And every morning we had breakfast/And every night we say good night." Simple but undeniably sincere. Lyrics like that earned the group a Best Songwriter distinction in Miami New Times' Best Of issue last year. Since forming several years ago in Miami, the Spanglish trio has built a tremendous following in one of the country's toughest live music markets. "The thing about music right now is that we're in two worlds," drummer Anthony Genovese muses on an episode of the web series Audio Junkie. "We're in the world where you're listening to Lady Gaga and you're listening to mainstream radio, or you're listening to live bands." Naturally, Genovese prefers the latter. "That's how you flush out all the bullshit people."