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Now here's an appetizing equation: Divide 100 wines by $10 and what do you get? The chance to get sloppy on a whole lot of Portuguese vinho for about a dime a vintage. If this suits your budget as well as it does mine, you'll take a cab to "An Evening in Portugal" at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel (1825 Griffin Rd., Dania Beach) on Monday, July 30. Hosted by the Portuguese Trade Commission and the United States Sommelier Association (USSA), the tasting is actually complimentary, but the hosts are requesting a $10 donation at the door. The funds benefit the USSA Wine School at Johnson & Wales University (a noble cause if ever there was one). For information call 305-466-3440 or drop by the hotel's Empire Ballroom, where the tasting runs from 7 till 9 p.m. That gives rise to a whole new kind of equation: Divide 120 minutes by 100 wines and what do you get? That's right -- another taxi to take your drunk ass home.