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Benevolent Bacchanalia

Praise Bacchus: The god of wine's inaugural namesake celebration, Boca Bacchanal Winefest & Auction, was a big success last year, attracting more than 1,600 guests over three days. As a result, the festivities leading up to the 2004 Boca Bacchanal, which will take place March 19-21, are starting early. The closest pre-event, "Life Is a Cabernet," is set for October 23. It'll be a celebration of fall foods and red wines at one of Palm Beach County's most renowned restaurants, 32 East on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. The Boca Raton Historical Society and Children's Home South in Boca Raton will receive most of the charitable proceeds. For 50 bucks per person, that's a pretty cost-efficient way to help abused children while indulging in a little substance yourself. Call 561-395-6766 or visit for reservations and more info.