Justin Bieber Fever Infects BankAtlantic Center Thursday

It's a success story 15-year-olds dream of: A big-shot producer randomly clicks on your YouTube demo, and (boom!) you're whisked off to Atlanta to record with Usher. While Justin Bieber's pairing with R&B moguls might be a little strange — seriously, it's weird to hear his prepubescent boys' choir voice Auto-Tuned and saying words like shawty — it's also surprisingly solid, and so far, it's been resonating like gangbusters.

Touring in support of his full-length debut, My World 2.0, fully seven songs of which made the Billboard Hot 100, Bieber's sure to draw his share of tweeny-boppers, perhaps even setting off a Beatlemania-style stampede, as an Australian appearance this past spring did. FYI: Bieber's voice has reportedly changed between recording sessions for the album and now, and he just can't hit those high notes like he used to — so it might be safe to expect performances in slightly different keys.