Aerosmith Pumps Up BankAtlantic Center

After succumbing to practically every rock 'n' roll vice — drugs, infighting, and unfortunate artistic choices — Aerosmith amazingly remains intact 40 years on, and just as amazing, all its members are still alive. Last year alone, various maladies created a crippling series of setbacks that nearly did the band in. Singer Steven Tyler began the year in rehab after getting hooked on pain medication prescribed for foot surgery. A bout with pneumonia followed, and last August, he fell off a catwalk, injuring his head, neck, and shoulder and forcing the cancellation of the band's remaining tour dates. Ironically, he was singing "Love in an Elevator" before taking the plunge.

Recent medical pratfalls ensnaring guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, and guitarist Brad Whitford couldn't match the sting of Tyler apparently leaving the band in November. Fortunately, those three didn't have to go to YouTube for a replacement à la Journey, because mere days later, the group reconciled. Now, with the "Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock" tour, Aerosmith teams with another performer who knows a bit about band turmoil: Sammy Hagar. Expect a night of skittly-boppin' and screaming, but if Aerosmith opts for "Walk This Way" instead of "Love in an Elevator," you'll know why.