Roger Waters to Perform "The Wall" at BankAtlantic | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Roger Waters to Perform "The Wall" at BankAtlantic

Roger Waters has always seemed irascible. His steely scowl crossing his chiseled features conveys deep distrust, and his contentious pronouncements about Middle East politics and his relationship with ex-bandmate David Gilmour reinforce that intimidating reputation. Pink Floyd's epic The Wall underscored his unsettling observations on the human condition with themes of isolation and disillusionment wrapped around searing, icy melodies.

Waters' acrimonious break from the band in 1985 (and the legal squabbles over Floyd's branding) ranks among the bitterest feuds in modern rock history. The band reunited only once, in 2005 for the Live 8 benefit shows, but he's subsequently sworn never to connect with Gilmour and Nick Mason ever again. Not that Waters has to linger on the band's legacy — he conveys heady concepts aplenty on solo albums The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Radio K.A.O.S., and Amused to Death. Still, the pomp, circumstance, and spectacle of his former outfit lives on in Waters' live re-creation of The Wall.