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The Hard Richards

As a rule, beware of bands euphemistically named for boners. In the case of the Hard Richards, though, we'll grant a pass, because these old-school Boynton Beach boys bash out straight-ahead ska punk without any wink-wink wanksterism. That doesn't mean, however, that the Richards aren't lewd, crude, and loud. It's just that cuts like "Freedom," "Sex," and "Drinking Time" deliver a no-bullshit sound with just the right amount of aggro juvenilia, horn section cronk, and sing-along snottiness. Founded way back in 1994 as a trio, the band has naturally experienced some membership realignment over the course of its 16-year history. Since its 1996 debut disc, On the Move, two of three founding members have departed. These days, in addition to O.G. frontman Steve A. on vocals and guitar, the Richards feature five other players: bassist Iiro, guitarist Matt K., drummer Evan, and John B. sucking the sax, plus official rude boy Alex R. But, old or new, you don't know the Hard Richards until you've seen them live, so go (re)experience the "pure fucking energy, circle pits, and bloody fists" when these dicks stroke it for a full house at Propaganda.