Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band on June 30 at Hard Rock Live

Though he was preaching peace and love, Ringo Starr may have offended some folks in 2008 when he announced his retirement from signing fan mail.

"This is a serious message to everybody watching my update right now," the former Beatle said in a video message. "I want to tell you, please, after the 20th of October, do not send fan mail to any address that you have. Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If it has that date on the envelope, it's going to be tossed.

"I'm warning you with peace and love, but I have too much to do," Ringo added. "No more fan mail. Thank you, thank you, and no objects to be signed. Nothing. Anyway, peace and love, peace and love."

Not long after the message, Starr had to address accusations that he was being unappreciative of his fans. He explained that the video was a response to folks selling signed Ringo memorabilia on eBay. Furthermore, he added in a statement, fan mail is "a waste of paper and we all should be mindful of our carbon footprint."

So if you're planning on catching Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band this week, make sure to print your tickets at home and carpool. Stay environmentally conscious, and enjoy the show.