A Slice of the American Dream

Remember the days when every windowsill in America was host to a homemade pie cooling in the breeze? Yeah, neither does anyone else. But the Fourth of July celebrations throughout downtown Lake Worth today tap into the idealized notion of the Leave It to Beaver-esque, all-American dream, complete with the third annual Pie Baking Contest, to be judged outside of 531 East Boutique (515 Lake Ave.). It's not just apple or Key lime that will make its way to the judging table either. Downtown Cultural Alliance planning committee rep Joyce Brown says each year brings a wide array of flavors: "There's never two pies that are alike.' Amateur bakers will compete for bragging rights by baking two pies each for the event: one for the judges and another that will get sliced up and sold off to the public after the contest has wrapped. This year's panel of judges includes chef Curtis Hillard, Pietro Priola of the recently opened Pietro's Plump Tomato, Joe Angelucci of Brogue's Downunder, and Rosamna Jimenez of Nature's Way Cafe. The judging will go down at 2 p.m., but the patriotic festivities - which include other food-centered fare like a watermelon-eating contest and outdoor barbecues - can be expected throughout the day. There's no admission to attend the pie-baking contest, though individual slices will be available for purchase. Call 215-205-9441.
Wed., July 4, 2 p.m., 2012