Toadies With Helmet on July 25 at Revolution

Well before the pop princess and boy-band wave washed away America's musical dignity and flooded MTV's New York City studio with screaming, prepubescent tweens, rock reigned supreme in the hierarchy of the music business. Live music meant muffled vocals over distorted guitars and complicated drum patterns rather than lip-synching and choreographed dances moves. Radio stations hosted mini-music festivals with little more than a stage, some amps, and a few strobe lights. These didn't accommodate 40 backup dancers and costume changes, and you'd never find a 65-foot heart-shaped stage. Music was raw, loud, and real. Though it's been several years now since rock has ranked high on the mainstream popularity meter, two of the mid-'90s biggest bands have teamed up for one hell of a tour: New York's Helmet with Fort Worth's Toadies. Together, these rock gods and former label mates have joined forces on a coheadlining tour around the United States in support of Toadies' latest release, Play.Rock.Music.