Martinez Brothers on Saturday, September 8, at Gryphon

The creative chemistry between DJ duos and groups has to be strong and in sync for the music to work in the studio and at the clubs. For the Martinez Brothers, their chemistry is cookin'. "Anything that we do comes naturally," Chris Martinez recently told Univision. Together with his brother Steve, Martinez was already spinning electro house music at some of the world's biggest nightclubs before he was old enough to vote. These days, the two are seasoned professionals, far removed from the New York Times profile piece that ran in 2009, when Steve was 20 years old and Chris just 17. Back then, they were fast-rising EDM protégés. Now, they're international superstars. "[Steve] will be downstairs making a track, [and] I'll be making a friggin' sandwich upstairs," Chris quipped during the interview with Univision. "[I'll] hear something, go downstairs, add something, [and] then come back upstairs. It's always spur of the moment." Now that's instinctive.