Keller Williams at Revolution Live on November 17 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Keller Williams at Revolution Live on November 17

Keller Williams has been a fixture of the post-Dead hippie-jam-band circuit since the early '90s. The scene can arguably be traced back to the o.g. wave of 1960s psychedelia. The jam-band circuit, as it exists today, fermented in the twin wake of North America's obsession with festivals, as sparked by Lollapalooza, and Phish's evangelical, Black Flag-like touring. Williams is one of the genre's stalwart champions, his greatest contribution being the eclectic, hydraheaded nature of his output as engendered by bend-over-backward versatility. He rose to fame for using gear to forge a singular path as the world's first one-man jam band. On the topic, he recently told New Times: "The idea was to play music with a band and share that camaraderie with other people. Try to create a dance groove the natural way, with humans. But I couldn't afford humans. That's where the gear came in." And he's held the Bonnaroo demographic's attention ever since with records covering everything from bluegrass to R&B and sessions with some of the biggest Deadhead improvisers around.