Dive in for Christmas Loot

Not satisfied with the tacky sweater Aunt Ruth gave you for Christmas? Spend the holiday in search of better loot -- in the shipwrecks off Fort Lauderdale beach. You might not find buried treasure, but there is a prize waiting, and it's definitely better than that sweater. The second Aqua­dive Great Watch Hunt has been under way since November 24, inviting intrepid divers to follow a series of underwater clues that will lead to tokens hidden in the shipwrecks. The treasure? Whomever collects the most tokens will receive a new Aqua­dive Bathyscaphe 100 watch, valued at $1,990. There are 200 tokens in all, and divers have been given until January 6 to locate them all. So put down that eggnog and suit up. Call 312-391-8007, or visit aquadive.com.
Nov. 24-Jan. 6, 2012