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Judge a Book By Its Cover

Most people think the ingredients to a great book start and end with its content. Local artist and graphic designer Victoria Landis has teamed up with Florida Authors Academy to explain why aspiring authors need to be just as concerned with the cover of their eBook, hardback, paperback, and/or audio cover as they are with the quality of their content. Landis' expertise has proven she can create compelling covers for just about any genre and author. Her biggest success story involves a redesign for an author's thriller novel that was then used to repeat an ad campaign for the same book. Landis' cover made all the difference as the book sold 100 to 200 copies a day for nearly three months. But Landis isn't here to brag. She wants to help you understand your target audience in order to choose the right fonts, images, and colors that will increase your readership. Landis will also focus on the different cover requirements needed for each type of book. Don't jeopardize the success of your new book with an amateur cover; learn from the best at this upcoming Writer Workshop, hosted by local mystery book and entertainment store Murder on the Beach. Join Landis on Saturday at 10 a.m. at 273 NE Second Ave. in Delray Beach. Tickets cost $25. Visit flauthorsacademy.com to register for a spot. Call 561-279-7790, or email [email protected]
Sat., Sept. 6, 10 a.m., 2014