Healing the racial divide

The conference is entitled “Healing the Racial Divide” in conjunction with Broward Sheriff Office’s campaign “Unity Broward” which seeks to bring more awareness and cooperation to communities located in Broward County. Part one of the series will seek to create an understanding and an intellectual dialogue between all people, but particularly those who identify themselves as white and those who identify themselves as Black. The conference runs three weeks and one day during Black History Month beginning on February 2. The three main topics of the conference are “A brief history of the people that populate America today,” “How different groups of people have progressed in America,” and “How do we fix the inequities created by institutional racism?” Each week is dedicated to a different topic. There will be a combination of seminars, workshops, documentaries shown, and educational speakers. Secured speakers are local and national, both black and white, with the hopes of inspiring Broward County to be pioneers in this gallant effort. Speakers include Pastor William Gary, Tim Wise, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Jane Elliot, and Dr. Claud Anderson. The goal is to create dialogue, and dialogue cannot be started or accepted without awareness. Fort Lauderdale Community Center is actively trying to begin the healing that can lead everyone into understanding, acceptance, and improvement.
Mon., Feb. 2, 2015