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Michy's Robbed - Jacked 4 Wine & Dinero

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Short Order has obtained police reports for a robbery occurring on December 11th, 2008 at Michy's, a high profile  restaurant headed by one of America's top chefs, Michelle Bernstein.

Michy's is located on 69th and Biscayne, just a few years ago that was

the intersection of Crackwhore and Carjack. Thieves forced entry

through a side window ($500 value) and made off with  $1,100 cash, and

15 bottles of wine ($1,500 value). Did management leave that much money

in the register overnight, was it in a safe, an office drawer? We don't

know those details yet, but rest assured Short Order has put in

calls and is on the case. We will have more details for you as they

emerge so tune in regularly. Meanwhile, enjoy this page from the police

report which contains the loss assessment and crime narrative. Click

the image for a legible view.