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Flavor Flav Becomes Food Mogul With Fried Chicken Restaurant, Vodka Line

Watch your back, Colonel Sanders. Flavor Flav, the snickering, clock-wearing pimp daddy from Public Enemy, is opening his own fried chicken restaurant -- in Clinton, Iowa, of all places.

Flavor Flav's Chicken (FFC) opens this Monday, serving fried chicken, ribs, and traditional sides. Flavor Flav says that this is the real deal and that he'll even work the restaurant, cooking and serving chicken. Flavor Flav's Chicken even has its own secret recipe (which Flav announced to the world on YouTube) -- he seasons his meat!

Before you bust a gut laughing, in the '70s, long before he was Flavor Flav, young William Jonathan Drayton hung out at his father's Long Island restaurant, Soul Diner. In 1978, Flavor Flav went to cooking school and a few years later worked at the Uniondale County Courthouse and Uniondale High School as a cook before launching a successful career as a rap artist and reality television star.

Since you need something to wash down that chicken, Flavor Flav has announced he will also come out with a line of "La Flav" vodka. Vodka flavors will include olive, bubblegum, grape, berry, and sweet tea and should be available any day now.

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