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Order Up: The Office

Pictured: The Prime CEO burger from the Office in Delray Beach, a sandwich so emblematic of the restaurant that it's literally been branded with its logo. The burger is thick and steak-like and smothered with blue cheese, tomato confit, and -- like almost everything else at the restaurant -- bacon. To quote Samuel L. Jackson, "That is a tasty burger."

Did I mention bacon is something of a theme at the Office? The place is a Dionysian paradise in that the food is an ode to fatty indulgence. Bacon, truffles, cream, cheese, and pork of all kinds make up the bulk of the menu, with specialty cocktails, craft beer, and a huge wine list offering backup. It's the kind of restaurant you want to leave in a wheelbarrow. In fact, eat here often enough and that's the only way you'll be able to leave.

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