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Reports of S & S Diners' Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

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Hello! Still here!

With deadline for Flapjack Flip-Off VII:Bananarama (coming soon!) rapidly approaching, I found myself frantically researching the subject matter at hand: Banana pancakes. As in, who the hell in Miami serves them? As it turns out, just about nobody, which is disturbing enough. But then I Googled S & S Diner to see if their menu was online, and I stumbled across far more disheartening news: THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS CLOSED.

I clicked on the site that made this bold-lettered claim, and the same epitaph was emblazoned across the top of their capsule description: S & S DINER: THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS CLOSED. My heart sank. The last of the Art Deco diners, with the little horseshoe counter that could, was down after 65-plus years. Then I called just to make sure, and, sure enough, the website was incorrect. S & S is alive and well. They do not, however, serve banana pancakes. --Lee Klein