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Put Some Lamb in Your Hamburger

As part of an irregular series on how to have more fun with your hamburger, allow Charlie to present... the lambburger.  

Like ground beef, ground lamb is cheap and easily available, but it also takes to Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean flavorings in ways the standard disc of chopped cow just doesn't. This version sort of muddles all three together and adds a tzatziki-like yogurt sauce, which makes it damned tasty and as comforting as a wool sweater on a cold, damp day.

M-M-M Lambburger
For burgers: 1 lb. ground lamb
2 t. each, ground cumin and coriander
1 t. paprika
¼ t. each, allspice and cayenne
Salt and pepper to taste 

1 small container Greek yogurt (the usual supermarket crap just doesn't cut it)
1 small cucumber, peeled, seeded, chopped, and squeezed dry in cheesecloth
2 T. fresh mint or cilantro, finely chopped
1 T. olive oil
2 t. lemon zest and lemon juice
1 small clove garlic, grated on microplaner
Salt and pepper to taste 

2 rounds pita bread, toasted and split in half
4 large tomato slices
2 slices red onion
Handful of crumbled feta cheese and chopped romaine 


make burgers, combine all ingredients and mix well. Divide into two

patties and refrigerate until ready to use. Do the same with the

tzatziki. (No, silly, you don't form that into patties.)  Grill or

saute burgers to desired doneness, slip into pita rounds, and garnish

with tzatziki, tomatoes, feta, and romaine. Admire your handiwork and