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Order Up: Myung Ga Tofu & Barbecue

Spicy nakjikuksu is chili-covered udon noodles with octopus, onions, carrots, and zucchini.
This week in Dish, we look at Korean food, and what better place to sample that than Myung Ga Tofu & Barbecue in Weston?

Weston? Yes, it's way the hell out there (sorry to our Weston readers). But it's worth the drive to Myung Ga to sample spicy-as-hell nakjikuksu, a noodle and octopus dish absolutely smothered in brick-red chili sauce. Or the fabulous barbecue dishes; shrimp, short rib, sliced pork, and more that come out sizzling on superheated cast-iron platters. Or the exquisite, housemade tofu, the wide array of banchan (small side dishes such as kimchi and sesame-marinated bean sprouts), and friendly service. Whether you're a fan of Korean food or you're new to the cuisine, Myung Ga is a great place to give it a try. Here's an excerpt from our review.

Take a look around Myung Ga and you'll see comfort is a big theme. The warm, wood-toned restaurant is filled with Korean families passing along fajita-like platters of bulgoki (spicy thin-shredded pork) and vegetable-filled pancakes the size of Frisbees. Unlike "small plates" restaurants where people share little bites, sharing huge plates seems pretty much a necessity here. Not only are the portion sizes huge but Myung Ga also provides a wide array of banchan -- small bowls of vegetables like kimchi or sesame-dressed bean sprouts -- with each meal. These banchan are meant to be serve as accompaniments to each dish, but they also create a lavish spread on each table. All the passing of dishes and sharing of plates reminded me of the packed tables my family sits in front of during holidays. My favorite of the banchan, a potato salad made sweet with raisins and apples, was surprisingly familiar too. Not to mention the creamy mayo managed to cool off any heat still lingering after that delicious udon.
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