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Happy Holidays With Delicioso's Ingrid Hoffmann

There are few breaks in the house of chef Ingrid Hoffmann. If she's not recording one of her shows, she's making appearances on others. When that stops, she has meetings to discuss her cookware, books, the future of her mobile application, and a spices line.

This Friday, she gets one of those few breaks to attend the Fourth-Annual Sweet Dreams event at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. Although Hoffmann may no longer be a part of the famed South Florida food truck Latin Burger and Taco (she stepped away a couple of months ago), that doesn't mean she isn't occupied. Earlier this week, Hoffmann talked to Clean Plate Charlie about desserts, viewer demographics, and of course, Delicioso.

Clean Plate Charlie: Since you're promoting your new show on Univision as well as other television appearances, you seem to be traveling a lot. How did you get time for Sweet Dreams 2010?

Ingrid Hoffmann: I haven't been able to do it in the past because of scheduling conflicts, so when I saw I was able to do it this year, I was really happy. This time of the year is always about giving back, and I love to help out, especially when the Sweet Dreams event donates to charities [like] the Ronald MacDonald House, Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Disabled American Veterans.

Since it's the holidays, what is one recipe you make every year?

I will always make dessert, so my cheesecake flan is one. I'll also make my mother's three-meat stuffing. [Hoffmann shared her recipe for three-meat stuffing a couple of weeks ago with Miami New Times' Short Order].

You're no longer on the Food Network. Now your Delicioso brand is on Univision's Cooking Channel. Has it been a big change?

The increase in viewers is amazing. I went from having 4 million on the Food Network to having 20 million on Univision. Univision's morning show has more viewers than Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Early Show combined. Instead of doing half-hour shows, they are an hour long. And it's 52 episodes a year.

But that's just one of your shows, right?

The weekly hourlong show just launched six weeks ago. I also appear on the morning show Mondays and Tuesdays. There is also the radio show and a mobile [application] coming soon. Delicioso is everywhere!

You said you went from 4 million viewers to 20 million. Do you do anything different since the increase in traffic and popularity?

I don't do anything different, really. I did learn that I skew the 18-to-24-year-old audience. For being 45 years old and able to talk to young people is great! I don't try to target any one audience; I just have fun, and they seem to like it.

With your different shows and segments, along with your radio program and mobile app, do you have plans to do anything new?

I'm focusing on the cooking line. I'm also working on a spice line. My dream is to have a Martha Stewart-type product that is affordable for mass markets.

See Ingrid Hoffmann this Friday, December 10, at Sweet Dreams 2010. Visit the Seminole Coconut Creek website for more details.

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