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Ted Inserra Steps Down as Executive Chef at Suite 100 in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale native, Chef Ted Inserra, certainly has experience in the South Florida restaurant industry. His extensive résumé boasts work with several popular local chefs such as Mark Militello, Michelle Bernstein, Johnny Vinczencz, and Oliver Saucy.

Shortly after the fall of Smith

& Jones, Inserra landed at Suite 100 in Ft. Lauderdale's Las Olas Riverfront complex where he was quickly promoted to the position of executive chef. However, just a few months after the promotion and a few days after his 55th birthday, Inserra announced that he will have a different role at the eatery.

In a facebook status posted early Thursday morning, Inserra accounced:

due to a ongoing health problem, which is not getting any better, my role at Suite 100 has to be reduced, i am still there almost everyday, but the length i stay is being reduced. I could not ask for any better cooperation with the owners/management....still working lunch's and my favorite=SAT AND SUNDAY BRUNCH......i was always known as "the machine", the machine has problems..

Inserra explained to New Times: "The decision to step down was a mutual agreement, I have no problem with it." He elaborated that due to "somewhat serious" health issues he wants to take precautions to reduce the physical toll that working the kitchen has taken on his health.

Taking over as executive chef, with nine years of experience, is Matt Golfin whose last chef experience was three years ago at Ocean Manor's Rumor Has It (which is no longer in operation). Prior to taking over his new role, Golfin tended bar in addition to working some in the kitchen at Suite 100. Inserra says he has confidence in Golfin, "he's a young, talented, up-and-coming chef; it will be an easy transition." Inserra plans to maintain a presence in the restaurant especially during day time hours and weekend brunch to assist the new chef. 

Where will these changes leave Suite 100? Both Golfin and Inserra state customers can expect some "tweaking" in the menu, keeping popular dishes and changing those that don't work.

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