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Learn to Brew Your Own Beer This Saturday at BX Beer Depot

Teach a man to drink, and he can get drunk. But teach a man to brew, and he can get drunk whenever the hell he wants.

Learn to brew for yourself this Saturday, November 6, at BX Beer Depot. The homebrew supply shop and informal beer garden is hosting an all-grain brewing class in honor of National Learn to Homebrew Day. You'll learn all about what makes beer -- grain, malt, water, hops, and yeast -- and how to keep from brewing a bad batch. The class' professor, Paul McHugh, should know -- he's been brewing for 30 years and has taken home gold medals for his homebrewed beer in the past.

The class starts at 9 a.m. (earlier than most beer drinkers awaken, I

know). It costs $15 to attend, which covers all the science being

dropped plus accounts for some smoked barbecue ribs BX's

resident rib expert, George Spinney, will be cooking for all comers. Show up, learn

about the difference between extract and all-grain brews, smell the

wort, and eat some ribs. It doesn't get much better than that.

Starting at noon, the whole class will break down as homebrewers from all across South Florida show up for a huge group brew session.

Bring your own brew kettles and portable propane stoves, and make beer

with dozens of other brewers there. If you forget something at home, don't worry: BX has everything you need to get started, from supplies to malt and everything in between. And don't forget the first rule of

brewing: Open a beer.

RSVP for the class as soon as possible by calling BX at 561-965-9494.