Fun With Dickerdoodles (NSFW)

Penny Arcade

Each year around Christmas, the Mecca of all gaming sites, Penny Arcade, throws a little contest called Dickerdoodles. The concept is pretty simple: A dickerdoodle is essentially a snickerdoodle in the shape of a penis. The object of the contest is to submit the funniest picture of your doughy member. Anyway, the results of this year's competition are in, and let me just say there are some fabulous baked phalli among the entries. I'm particularly fond of this one, because it makes me think of Santa.

Oh, and please note that though these aren't naughty parts aren't exactly real, they are indeed very very Not Safe For Work. Unless you work at New Times. In which case you'd get in more trouble for having pictures of grandmothers and kittens on your screen.

Last year's Dickerdoodles winners can also be seen here.

-- John Linn