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Eats for under $7: Cheesesteaks at Spankx

Last week, Short Order told you about a healthy alternative to empanadas. This week, healthy eating is out of the question. Spanky's Cheesesteak Factory in Oakland Park and Margate is hell for dieters, but heaven for everyone else. For $5.20, Spankx will hook you up with a cheesesteak, fries and a pickle which will send your taste buds into orbit.

Throw on some diced hot peppers, some onions, and mushrooms and you've

got yourself a meal fit for a king. The fries are a little soggy, so if

you want them crispy you'd better specify, and unfortunately they call

them "Philly Cheesesteaks" which they aren't due to the lack of Cheese

Whiz. Despite these little missteps, Spanx makes a delicious

cheesesteak which will satisfy even the toughest of critics.  Total

cost (before tip) $5.56 and three trips to the gym