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The Worst of the Burger Battle: Ilios, Pier 66, and Riverside Hotel

Georgie's Alibi showed the chains how it was done at Friday night's Burger Battle, turning in one mean ground chuck burger for the victory.

But there were some downright disgusting excuses for America's favorite sandwich that night too. Below, the three worst offenders.

3. Riverside Hotel

know that adding bacon or truffles to anything can win over a crowd.

Same is often true with deep-frying. But not burgers. Hamburgers, and

this was made clear by Riverside

Hotel's offering, should not be dropped into hot oil. This burger

was apparently coated in bread crumbs and then fried crisp. The result

was a burger that was oily and possessed a bizarre texture. The crunchy

coating and the gooey meat center were reminiscent of an extremely

underdone crab cake. Riverside Hotel, please save the oil for the fries.

2. Hyatt Regency Pier


Sixty-Six's plate had to win points on presentation. On one end was

a plastic shot glass filled with cilantro and Jack Daniels lemonade. In

the center were a couple of fries and at the end a burger with fried bits

and chili. But after the presentation, no part of this

plate worked. The lemonade tasted a bit too straight-from-the garden to

be refreshing. The fries weren't slices of potato but some kind of fused

mash with entirely too much flavoring. And the burger had several

components that were entirely overseasoned. The patty itself, the oddly

textured chili, and the weird-shaped fried onion bits tasted like the

dried spice mixture you might find on Dorito's. If Frito Lay came out

with burger-flavored tortilla chips, they'd probably be better than


1. The Hilton's Ilios

Ilios recently won New Times' Best Of Broward Palm-Beach Reader's Poll for Best

Restaurant in Broward County, we figured the place would have one of the

best burgers of the night. Actually, the patty was nearly inedible.

Ilios' buffalo burger was somewhere between shredded and ground,

creating these odd pulled bits of buffalo among what was otherwise a

way-too-wet mixture. It was like slimy meets stringy meets greasy.

Partially eaten Ilios burgers piled up in a trash can nearby. It was

clear why.