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Five Reasons Customers Hate Their Servers

Servers hate their customers. But is it any big surprise that customers hate them in return? Those loyal patrons don't hate servers because they're finicky. Customers hate them because they're just gross and rude.

Straight out of the customers' mouths: five reasons customers hate their servers.

5. They go out of order when bringing things back to the table
"If I ask for the check, don't go to two other tables if there is nobody calling you over. That's just like cutting in a line and making the first person wait the longest."

4. They don't check for additional orders before bringing the check
"We nearly always want at least some coffee and more time to chat. I know they are required to 'upsell' you desserts and coffee... yet, nearly none do."

3. They deliver drinks to the table by grasping the rim of a glass (with their bare hand)
"That grosses [my husband] out. He has occasionally sent a glass back if he's seen the offender biting their fingernails before serving the drinks."

2. They ask if you need change
"The tip is whatever is left on the table after we leave or what we put on the credit card receipt -- sometimes a combination. It is not the change."

1. They cross the boundary with small talk
"We sat down [at a restaurant once] and the young, pretty, slightly goth waitress placed a basket of bread on the table, smiled, opened her mouth, and showed us her bloody, newly pierced tongue. She spoke of it several times during our meal, leaving our appetites a little meager."