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The Urban Farmer: Now Open in Pompano

Finally, the sustainable-urban-farming movement is taking root in Broward County!

The Urban Farmer, a hydroponic urban farm and learning facility, opened its doors to the public Saturday, October 30.

Jessica Padron says she was inspired to start the business when she had a child. "A few months after my daughter was born, I started 

the research of different growing systems for the backyard," she says.

She learned that "most of our food is imported and picked before it's

ripe and passes through a lot of hands before it gets to you [the


She says a lot of hard work goes into running the business: "Food

is not on demand."

The Urban Farmer follows the Community Supported Agriculture business model. It's not like a green market, where you can pick

and choose your veggies; rather, customers sign up online or in person

at the Urban Farmer and become a member. Members get a weekly basket of

fresh, seasonal produce from Padron's farm and partnered Florida-based

farms. A full-share membership costs $50 per week; a half share costs

$32 per week. Advance payments ensure the market for locally farmed

foods and helps farmers with cash flow. Members can unsubscribe at any


Soon, Padron intends to add growing and gardening classes. For

now, anyone can show up, take a tour, and buy starter kits. Visit, or call 954-586-6686.