U.K. Ice Cream Store "Busted" Over Breast Milk Ice Cream

I scream...you scream...we all scream for breast milk?

Well, maybe we all did when we were babies, but a U.K. ice cream shop thinks we're still secretly yearning for a little frozen boob juice. London officials have seized the entire supply of "Baby Gaga" ice cream from a shop called Icecreamists, and are testing it for Hepatitus contamination.

The ice cream is made with human breast milk, mixed with Madagascar vanilla, lemon and sugar. The human donors that were milked used for this $22 a gallon exotic treat, answered an ad in a local paper. 

The owner of the shop, Matt O'Connor, said that babies drink breast milk, so why can't adults? Uh - maybe because it's freaking gross is what Clean Plate Charlie is thinking.

Look, Clean Plate Charlie is all for trying new and exotic food, but breast milk ice cream? Why? Because Baskin Robbins' 31 Flavors isn't enough? Do we really need to replace Tutti Frutti with Titty Witty?

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