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More on the KFC Double Down: Shameless Promotion for a Shameless Food

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KFC is using college girls' buns to promote its bunless sandwich
The Double Down is not a sandwich -- because it lacks one of the major ingredients in a sandwich: bread! Great -- more reason for terrorists to hate us. America: Land of the free, home of the bread-less "sandwich" comprised of the two pieces of bacon jammed between two pieces of fried chicken.

Now comes news of shameless promotion for this shameless food: KFC has bought ad space on college girls' asses to spread the word of their culinary creation.

A press release from the chicken chain reads: "On select college campuses, female undergraduates will sport KFC Double

Down branded sweat pants to encourage students to try the unique

bun-less sandwich."


This probably goes without saying, but KFC's hoping the ads will attract it's key target, young men. Smart move by Colonel Sanders, because guys will read anything you put on the back of a college girl's sweatpants.

The ambassadors, or shall I say "ambASSadors," will walk around campus passing out KFC gift certificates, which is probably a consolation prize for the young dude who used an awful pickup line with some inappropriate use of the phrase "Double Down" in hopes of landing a phone number.

Females interested in spreading the word of Double Down can contact KFC on the company's Facebook page,