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Weekend Blog Wrap

Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only blog you need to read every day, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of other food blogs.

How can you possibly look at the picture above and not start craving snickerdoodle cupcakes? Lucky for you, you can click here and find out all about them, thanks to Bakerella.

Before you scarf down those snickerdoodles, I'd recommend chowing down on a Cheesesteak. Chow has a great recipe for a Cheesesteak, but makes a fatal mistake. Don't call it a Philly if you're not using the Whiz...

The Good Mood Food Blog is loaded with healthy recipes, great photography, and lots of links to purchase their newest cookbook. Check out the goods for free on their site, then you can drop a few bucks for a hard copy.

The Delicious Life is about dating and food. Or  Dating and eating, which she carefully points out is only one letter apart. There's plenty of entertaining writing and regular columns like the Devil Bakes Frauda.

Finally, Smitten Kitchen not only has the cutest name in the blogosphere, they also have a drop dead awesome recipie for jalapeno cheddar scones.